Lisa Sasevich’ 6-Figure Teleseminar & Webinar Sales System Review, Bonus and other helpful insights

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Registration is now open for Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich’s 2017 6-Figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System Virtual Bootcamp!


Lisa is inviting heart-centered experts, entrepreneurs, and service professionals to dig in and learn her simple, proven system for launching themselves online using the tools they already have… their phone and computer.

Now, she’s offering you a place at the table.

Lisa just released the last video in her brand new training series that shares all the details along with some awesome, life-transforming insight about how the decisions you make each day impact the course of your entire life.

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Lisa and I believe that if you’re not totally happy with the direction of your life and the level at which you’ve been able to get your gifts and expertise out into the world, or if you’re happy with it but have a vision for much bigger impact, you still have time to change it. And in this video, Lisa walks you through how you can do that.

Remember, Lisa just opened registration for her 6-Figure Teleseminar & Webinar Sales System Virtual Bootcamp… in which she guides you through how to make that bigger impact! Read on for information about a special today-only bonus. Or, skip the reading and register here:

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I’ve heard Lisa teach before, and I highly recommend her. She always shares powerful, implementable information you can use right away to build your business!

To your success,

Chris James

P.S. As promised, here is information about the extra, fast-action bonus Lisa’s throwing in TODAY only. This is just for those of you who know that now is the time and today is the day to step up and register.

6-Figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System – The Ultimate BONUS

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This advanced-level audio training program includes the best advice from Lisa and 12 other experts who have all made millions using automated and evergreen income strategies. These heart-centered entrepreneurs let Lisa pull back the curtain on the inner workings of their businesses, and together, they share their secrets on the simple, automated ways to attract, convert and nurture prospects and clients using strategies that also allow them to enjoy their FREEDOM. (Because isn’t that one of the main reasons why we became entrepreneurs in the first place?)

You’ll discover dozens of SPECIFIC techniques and strategies for attracting clients and inspiring them to say “YES” on-the-spot, ALL using automated strategies.

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Video #3: How To Triple Your Sales Using Teleseminars and Webinars

A hot teleseminar or webinar preview is the first step to launching yourself online.

The next step? Learning how to triple your sales after the teleseminar or webinar.

And that’s exactly what my friend, Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich, teaches you in her brand new complimentary video:
Video #3

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This is the “secret sauce” that Lisa has used to grow her home-based business to over $30 million in sales while being a great mom to her two kids and making a massive difference doing work she absolutely loves.

But, it’s not obvious — in fact, it’s something that even experienced marketers miss.

As I mentioned before, I’ve heard Lisa teach, and I highly recommend her. Her trainings and resources are always full of valuable information you can use right away to start making a bigger difference (and big money) doing what you love.

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Video #2: Position Yourself For Online Sales Success

The second video of 6-Figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System show you the 10% nuance to make all the hard work you’ve done finally pay off:
Video #2 - 6-Figure Sales System

Position Yourself for Online Sales Success <<< Watch Now

You see, the first step to being able to use your phone and your computer to launch yourself online and start making a difference and great money doing what you love is to be able to host a hot teleseminar or webinar preview.

What do I mean when I say “hot”? It means the teleseminar or webinar provides amazing training and value, and at the same time, it inspires sales of your products, programs, coaching or training. It attracts new clients to say “yes” on-the-spot to their own next level of transformation by working with you.

If you’re ready for Lisa to walk you through her simple, proven 5-step system, download her checklist today:
6-Figure Sales Blueprint

Video #1: How to FINALLY Get Yourself Launched Online

Have you been waiting to launch yourself online because you think it’s going to be difficult and complicated?

What if I were to tell you it’s really as easy as using the tools you already have — your computer and your phone?

Yes! It really CAN be that easy. And my friend, Queen of Sales Conversion Lisa Sasevich, explains it all in her complimentary brand new training video with accompanying checklist:

Video #1 of Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System

Get Yourself Launched Online Video <<< Watch Now

The video and the checklist walk you through 5 simple questions that are absolutely crucial if you want to attract your ideal clients online and inspire them to invest with you.

I mean, let’s face it. There’s no shortage of technical guides to help you get launched online, but without answering the fundamental questions included in Lisa’s checklist, all the technical help in the world won’t get you successfully launched online.

So if you’re ready, take the first step: download the checklist real quick, and watch the tutorial video that will help you fill it out step-by-step.


The Announcement of Lisa Sasevich’ 6-Figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System – Dates and Training

Lisa Sasevich just announced that her 6-Figure Teleseminar and Webinar Sales System is launching very soon, with the first free video going live on the July 5th 2017. If you don’t know who Lisa is, she is known as the the queen of sales conversion, so she certainly is a big name in this industry!

On this website I will go deep into the brand new 6 figure sales system, so you can make an informed decision, whether you want to join her program. When we will get closer to the launch date you can expect my legitimate 6-Figure Teleseminar & Webinar Sales System review, and best off all, I will announce my ultimate teleseminar bonus offer for everyone who wants to get even more.

6 figure teleseminar & webinar sales system announcement

Before we dive in I have to tell you that I prepared a short precursor to my review, where I talk about Lisa, her product and explain to you, why is now the perfect time to sell using teleseminars and webinars.

It’s an Exciting Time For Sales – The Review Of 6-Figure Teleseminar & Webinar Sales System

The explosion of the internet and unprecedented expansion of the internet, technology and social media has turned the world of sales, promotion and self development on it’s head. Savvy marketers and entrepreneurs are capitalizing on the scene, excelling in their areas and refining their craft in what is a very dynamic and stimulating environment.

The internet. You’d be hard pressed nowadays to find someone who doesn’t have a connection on their phones or at home, or even spends less than an hour or so a day looking at a phone or PC screen! There are a host of new systems like 6 figure teleseminars and and other ways to access your potential customers and engage them skilfully – and it’s that skill and understanding mixed with a truly tailored approach that wins the ultimate in mutually beneficial, long lasting business.

This all sounds fantastic but there is a very prevalent and real barrier that stops salespeople from truly tapping into this potential – time! Speak to ten people who work sales or strive towards great commission figures and they’ll all tell you how busy they are. If only there were more days in the week and more hours in the days. The flip-side of a huge range of content and possibility is the fact you have to sift through it all, not to mention suss out what is legit and what is phoney.

That’s where the experts like Lisa Sasevich come in. It’s no secret that long self help books can be boiled down to core principles and extensive videos summarised into the key points that really provide that value. It’s the combination of identifying value and then portraying it in a way that is digestible and practical that is truly what people need the most.

Knowledge alone is fine. It’s the combination of that and practical experience that gives true insight and there’s no way around that other than spending time in the field honing your craft.

So Who Is Lisa Sasevich and How Does She Provide That Knowledge?

Lisa Sasevich - queen of salesThe background is clear. With an impressive twenty five years experience in training senior executives and consultants before launching her successful entrepreneurial career, Lisa has tapped into an enormous depth of experience to create her webinar sales system and training content.

Working with such an array of both individuals and companies such as Pfizer provides a nuance and focus practicality that’s hard to beat. Consultants and trainers like Lisa build their success on developing the best kind of business – long term, stable and mutually beneficial and know exactly how to pass that know-how on.

Why You Should Use 6 Figure Webinar System In Your Sales Process?

Let’s talk specifics. There are a number of very relevant reasons why the webinar sales system and 6-figure teleseminar on offer can be of such an immediate benefit. For those looking to increase their sales capability and increase their commission and conversion it often comes down to efficiency. There’s only so much time in the day and the amount you get out of every working hour is crucial. You need to be sure that you are identifying what you need for success in this precious time and how to get it.

The Advantage Of Webinars In Sales

A fantastic advantage of webinars is that it directly portrays authority and trust. You aren’t just engaging in brief snippets of business – you’re developing long term relationships that built to provide you with truly invested clients that are appreciative and supportive. Reaching your clients in such a way is practical and will result in you having a much more quality oriented and sustainable base with less work.

Brand is also a great benefit when you start to integrate teleseminar & webinar sales system into your services. You have powerful options such as interactive webinars and direct feedback that gives you a deep and immediate understanding of your clients and what they are truly looking for. That powerful insight can let you tailor your presentation in a way that makes your service and product irresistible.

The Efficiency Of Teleseminars

Bringing it back to efficiency, you also have the thrifty option of reusing your content. Through a webinar or teleseminar platform you can make use of your content such as a script and turn this into a different format such as articles or newsletter installments that can be sent to those who missed certain dates or can’t attend directly.

But ultimately the triumphant draw for getting involved with Lisa and the 6-figure sales system is the accessibility of working with her advice. These methods are designed specifically for the entrepreneur and small business owner in that you can do them with what you have! It’s about as little as a PC and a smartphone to get started and get on the road to bringing that quality and efficiency up and up.

Final Review And The Announcement Of Lisa Sasevich 6-Figure Sales System Bonus – See What You Will Find Inside

It’s the winning combination of proven experience and a truly relevant platform for your sales. There’s a reason Lisa is known for “the invisible close” – she provides training and guidance on sales to a degree where the process is honed to be so natural that the clients don’t even realize they are in a sales process. It’s that fluid and natural engagement that gives a positive result for both sides and true mutual value. Be sure to take a look at Lisa’s summary and review of the 6 figure teleseminar system which includes an enticing bonus offer! It’s more for you, all tailored and all concise.

teleseminar sales system reviewSo save the date! See the links below for a quick video from Lisa and some more details of the webinar sales system and the 6-figure teleseminar. This is all for a specific goal: to increase your sales, conversions and commissions in a way that is fun to take part in and feels natural. There’s a great focus on positivity and a fun attitude throughout that previous participants love and you’ll be sure to have the same experience yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this article, let me know about your favorite sales tactic through the contact form and don’t forget to bookmark this page.

P.S. The actual review and my 6-figure teleseminar and webinar sales system bonus will be published on this page once we come closer to the launch date.